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"filename": "3-D Ultra Pinball - Thrillride (U) [C][!].gbc", "category": "licensed", "title": "THRILLRIDE!VUPE ", "cart": "MBC5+RUMBLE+RAM+BATTERY", "ROM": "512 Kb", "RAM": "8 Kb"

The Adventures of Captain Comic


Dave Electro Man Epic Pinball Extreme Pinball Wolfenstein 3-D Your browser does not support inline frames. The Adventures of Captain Comic was a sidescrolling game written by Mich

DOS haven : modern DOS games, new games for DOS


2022) Color Graphics Pinball (November 20, 2022) Latest comments Georgios : Forgot to say THANK YOU. Ευχαρ... » Silly Knight Georgios : Enjoyed much!!! Nice gameplay,... &ra

Flying Omelette's Top 25 Most Overrated Games I've Played


Metroid 2, Kirby's Pinball Land, and Operation C? The first three Game Boy games I ever owned were Tetris (which came with it), Mega Man, and Super Mario Land. I couldn't even see

Serebii.net - Where Legends Come To Life


Pok?mon Box: RS Pok?mon Pinball RS Pok?mon Ranger Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue Pok?monTrozei Pikachu DS Tech Demo Pok?Park Fishing Rally The E-Reader Pok?Mate Gen II Gold/Silver Cry
Contains up-to-date news, databases and information about all Pok?mon Games, TCG sets and the TV show.

CRN / Unix


3 Doom 2 Eliza Epic Pinball Lotus 123 Mahjongg Monarch (data extraction tool) Norton Commander 5.5.1 Norton Editor Nutshell (best DOS database ever) Qbasic (under C:\qbasic71\src
Linux and Unix scripts, history, and fun. Come in and enjoy the prompt, again.

BBC BASIC - Write your own programs


box2ddbg library; added pinball.bbc & voronoi.bbc examples; several minor bug fixes. 1.20a 03-Mar-2021 Fixed FOR...NEXT bug in ARM editions; added f1-f4 shortcuts in Ceefax.bb

Hidden in the Walls of this House - Emilie M. Reed


public life, from pinball tables to cigarette vending machines and kinetoscopes, as an important technological prehistory of video games that is often ignored in favor of citing &

Macintosh Garden - Celebrating Macintosh Abandonware!


Fiction (132) Pinball (34) Puzzle (663) Racing (89) RPG (209) Simulation (328) Sports (159) Strategy (372) Trivia (81) World Builder (89) Applications 3D Rendering & CAD (275)
Macintosh Garden - Celebrating Macintosh Abandonware!

The Flintstones Page


a wad ofmoney on a pinball machine and extravagant tips for bowling alley personnel, and Wilma, Betty, and Barney later furiously confront a thoroughly confused Fred after Fred ha

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